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Pilot training for aircrews tasked to man the country’s brand-new FA-50PH “Fighting Eagle” light interim fighter aircraft has been going smoothly. This was stressed by Philippine Air Force (PAF) spokesperson Col. Enrico Canaya in an interview Wednesday.

“Our pilots [undergoing FA-50PH training] are now gaining proficiency [with the aircraft] as they are now regularly flying it,” he added.

Canaya expects the training phase to accelerate once two more FA-50PHs are delivered within the latter part of 2016. Remaining eight jets are scheduled to be delivered on staggered basis within eight months after delivery of third and fourth units.

“Once the additional aircraft arrives, we will train more pilots,” he added.

Prior the delivery of the first two FA-50PH jet aircraft last Nov. 28, four PAF fighter pilots, with high jet time, were sent to South Korea to undergo training in the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)-made aircraft.

Two of these are test pilots while the other two operational or squadron pilots.

The PAF has a 12-plane FA-50PH order with KAI worth PHP18.9 billion. This is a full squadron by Philippine standards.

Syrian Arab Army's new infrared protection working against TOWs

Dead Islamic State after the SAA Tiger Forces liberated Jebb Ghabishah.

SAA Tiger Forces detonated a captured Daeshi VBIED in Jebb Ghabishah, Eastern Aleppo Countryside 

War in the Middle East is ON.
Not through proxies this time, but between states.

Kurdish YPG mobilizes

YPG: “We’ll abolish rotten borders.. make Erdogan drown in his blood.. fight of [Syria] is the fight of [#Turkey]”

Yemen Army + Houthis are now in Saudi Arabian territory 

Tiger forces - Colonel Suheil al Hassan pictures


Indonesia is ordering around a dozen Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets and could sign a contract for the purchase in a month's time, said two sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

These will replace its ageing Northrop F-5 fighters, and supplement a fleet of 16 Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 fighters that form the backbone of its air force.

Indonesian companies will get contracts to manufacture some components for the Su-35, and the Russians are expected to set up a maintenance centre for the fighter jet in the country, added the sources.

Officials from United Aircraft Corporation, which manufactures the Su-35, declined to comment at the Singapore Airshow.

An Indonesian air force spokesman did not want to comment on the deal and referred all questions to the defence ministry. Officials at the ministry could not be reached for comment.

Western firms including the European consortium Eurofighter, Lockheed Martin, Saab and Dassault had also been in talks with Jakarta over a possible sale of their fighter jets.

Indonesian officials, however, have said for several years that their preference was to get more Russian fighters.

This will be the second export order for Russia's newest fighter jet, with China inking a deal for 24 planes worth more than $2 billion in November 2015.

Indonesia also has around 12 early-model Lockheed Martin F-16s, and is receiving 24 refurbished F-16s from the United States as part of a 2011 government-to-government agreement.

It has also agreed to help fund South Korea's KF-X fighter jet programme, which hopes to develop a modern multi-role jet fighter in the 2020s. Jakarta expects to eventually get around 80 new fighter jets via this programme.

Southeast Asia's largest country and its biggest economy wants to bolster the capabilities of its air force to catch up with its neighbours, say industry analysts.

Neighbouring Singapore, for example, has one of the best trained and most modern air forces in the region with a fleet of more than 100 fighter jets including F-5s, F-16s and Boeing F-15s.

Turkemen "brigades" - Turkey's unofficial troops in Syria

Who provided them with Croatian RAK 12 ?

Saudi Mercenary 

Walls around the Vatican

C-130H Hercules A-1334 taxies under a water arch after being handed over from the Royal Australia Air Force to Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara at a ceremony at RAAF Base Richmond. (photos : RAAF)

C-130H Hercules A-1334 transport aircraft sold to the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) has completed maintenance and modification work at RAAF Base Richmond.

RAAF Base Richmond Senior Australian Defence Force Officer Air Commodore Richard Lennon, CSC presented Commanding Officer 31st Squadron TNI-AU Lieutenant Colonel Wisoko 'Wish' Aribowo with the keys to C-130H Hercules A-1334 during a handover ceremony on 08 Feb 2016.

The RAAF retired the last of its 12 C-130Hs in November 2012, and offered four of these aircraft for transfer to the TNI-AU. Another five C-130Hs, along with simulator and spare parts, are being sold to the TNI-AU at a discounted rate. These C-130Hs will further enhance Indonesia’s capacity to respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crisis.

reversing all what AtaTurk did 

What Turkey is doing in Syria


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